North Sea Logistics is one of the UK's biggest and most experienced logistics companies, specialising in the transportation of people and equipment for the UK wind power industry.

With a large fleet of purpose-built vessels, we are able to meet the rigorous demands and challenges of this unique environment. What's more, we're proud of our hands-on approach from top to bottom of the company, always willing to go the extra mile.

When it comes to offshore logistics, we have unrivalled experience and a safety record that is second to none. And, of course, we have a vast fund of accumulated know-how in the efficient transfer of personnel and equipment.

We have been involved in the industry from the very beginning, with the construction of the Blyth Wind Farm in 2000 - at the time, the biggest offshore installation anywhere in the world - and our growth has paralleled that of the industry itself.

From can you just, to mission critical, if we say well do it, consider it done. That's why we're a trusted supplier to the major names in the UK wind power industry.

offshore wind turbine repairs

We are specialists in supporting Offshore Wind Turbine repairs. We use the latest innovations available to the industry incorporating Platform Deployment, Composite Technology and Marine Solutions.

We have the expertise to identify and repair damage, excessive wear and other potential issues that can effect wind turbine blades. We utilise advanced aerospace-grade composite repair technology to ensure maximum restoration, even in inclement weather conditions. We combine turnkey boat service and blade platform technology in order to provide the safest, most comprehensive and cost effective access to offshore wind turbine blades.

A Trusted supplier to the major names in the UK wind power indsustry

"North Sea Logistics provided personnel and equipment transfer services for almost 20 years for the original Blyth Offshore wind farm and I had the pleasure of using their services for much of that time. They conduct business in a safe and professional manner, with a high degree of flexibility. They often took on additional project responsibilities such as managing dive works. You always feel you are in safe hands."

John Gates. Wind Farm Operations Manager, Jacobs Wind O & M